‘Great Role Model’: Tearful Family Remembers Mom Who Fell off Cruise Ship

Two years after 33-year-old Samantha Broberg fell off the deck of a Carnival cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico, her family is still mourning the woman they wish they could see again.

The family of a 33-year-old Texas woman who fell from a cruise ship is still in mourning, two years after tragedy struck.

Samantha Broberg was on a trip with two friends, sailing in the Gulf of Mexico, when she climbed a railing at 2 a.m. and fell backwards, plunging into the water below. Her body was never found.

Samantha's husband, Karl, said his wife was served too many drinks and one witness claimed she "was nodding off to sleep."

Her daughters Savannah, Ryleigh and Kalee broke down in tears while talking to Inside Edition about their mother, calling her "a great role model" and wishing they could "see her again."

Her family sued the cruise line. This month, a federal judge ruled the company was not responsible for her death.

Inside Edition has learned more details about the woman's death, including an allegation that another passenger was with her when she fell but didn't alert anyone.

"He could've reported it as soon as he saw it. It could've taken a whole different turn," said Sarah Churman, Samantha's friend who was on the cruise with her.

Samantha and her two friends had been together on the cruise nonstop until very late in the evening, when Broberg said she was going to stay up. The other two left for bed. 

The next day, "We realized she never made it back to the room," Churman said. She claims Carnival crew staff didn't take her seriously when she first reported her friend missing. After reviewing surveillance footage, they saw she had gone overboard. 

An FBI investigation determined Broberg left the ship's casino with a man who saw her fall from the 10th-floor deck but didn't report it. The Broberg family is considering appealing the court's decision. 

Carnival says its staff continues to test various overboard procedures.