Group of 5 Friends Who Attended Every Super Bowl Now Down to 4 After Member Dies Just Before Game

Al Schragis, who had organized the "Super Bowl 5," which traveled to every NFL championship since its inception in 1967, died Saturday.

A man who has been to every single Super Bowl along with his four buddies has died — just a day before this year's matchup.

Al Schragis, the leader of the group known as “The Super Bowl 5,” died of pneumonia at his winter home in Florida on Saturday night.

Schragis designed the matching blazers and rings the friends wore to each of the 51 Super Bowls they attended together. 

The four remaining members of the group — Sylvan Schefler, Harvey Rothenberg, Lew Rapaport and Larry McDonald — continued the tradition Sunday, attending the big game for the 52nd time. 

"We've had the opportunity to meet once a year and do what most guys dream of doing,” Schefler told Inside Edition. “We're lucky and I’m proud to have had that opportunity."

In Minnesota Sunday, they admitted Schragis' absence left a gaping hole in their usually joyful tradition.

“He is here is spirit,” Rothenberg added. “We loved him."

But without Schragis, the men have no intention of ending the ritual.

“We're gonna continue going as long as we can," Rothenberg added. "He would have wanted us to."