Guard Faints as Mourners File Past Queen Elizabeth's Coffin Day and Night

The steady stream of mourners filing by the queen's coffin continues day and night.

The pomp and ceremony surrounding Queen Elizabeth II’s death may be taking its toll. A guard standing watch fainted and fell headfirst to the floor.

The scary incident happened at 1 a.m. as thousands filed past the queen’s coffin. Two Scotland Yard officers rushed to help.  

It's reminding many of the moment King Charles III was unsteady on his feet after walking for 40 minutes behind the queen’s coffin, then standing to attention in the hall.

Charles had no public events on Thursday, but Prince William and Kate Middleton were out and about, shaking hands with well-wishers. Prince William stopped to admire a baby, and spoke about his own children's reaction to the queen's death.

“They're doing ok. It's still the first week of school, so they're settling in. But we are just trying to keep everything constant and settled for them,” Prince William said.

Middleton plucked a little girl from the crowd to lay some flowers at the gates of the king's country estate.

In London, the steady stream of mourners filing by the queen's coffin continues day and night. People who have been waiting in line for hours have to go through airport-style security, with metal detectors and bag checks. They're not allowed to bring in food or water and when they get inside, they cannot take any photos.

It's just a small part of the massive security operation underway for Monday's funeral, which is being called “unprecedented.” Among the measures are structures designed to keep vehicles from get through to the crowd. 

Meanwhile, Britain continues to mourn their queen.

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