Gunman in Deadly Florida Parking Lot Shooting Won’t Be Charged Based on ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law

Markeis McGlockton was fatally shot while defending his wife.

A Florida gunman won’t face charges after fatally shooting another man in a dispute over a parking space as he invoked the state's "stand your ground" law. 

The argument over the parking spot occurred Thursday in Clearwater, sparking controversy over the decision by police.

Surveillance video shows a white car pulling in and parking in a handicapped spot at a convenience store. The passenger and his 5-year-old son go into the store to buy snacks.

Moments later, an SUV pulls up. Cops say the driver, Michael Drejka, was upset that the white car was in a handicap spot without a permit.

He exchanged words with the driver, Britany Jacobs. 

“He wanted me to move my car," she told CBS News. "But I have my right to park anywhere I want to park."

When her boyfriend, Markeis McGlockton, returned from the store, he shoved Drejka to the ground.

“My man was trying to protect his girls like any man would," she told CBS News. 

Drejka is then seen reaching into his pocket, pulling out a pistol and firing a shot into the chest of McGlockton, who died of his injuries, leaving his girlfriend devastated.

Police say Drejka will not be charged because he is protected by the controversial "stand your ground" law. It allows someone to use deadly force if they fear "imminent death or great bodily harm."

The law made headlines as George Zimmerman stood trial for shooting teenager Trayvon Martin in 2012. He was acquitted of murder.

In the Clearwater case, cops say Drejka owned the gun legally and had a concealed carry permit.