Gwyneth Paltrow Dons Custom $17K Goop Necklace to Face Off With Doctor Who Bragged of Fame After Ski Crash

Gwyneth Paltrow continued her trend of arriving to court in Goop-approved goods, this time wearing a custom Foundrae necklace, a version of which is available for purchase on her website for  $25,115.00.

Gwyneth Paltrow was back in court on Thursday for day three of her ongoing ski suit. 

The actress was all smiles as she strolled into court wearing a double-breasted pantsuit and layering some pretty pricey baubles around her neck.

Paltrow is facing off with Terry Sanderson, a 76-year-old doctor who claims he suffered four broken ribs and permanent brain damage when Paltrow allegedly plowed into him in 2016.

Sanderson's daughter Polly Gresham took the stand on Thursday, and grew emotional while telling the court how her father is no longer the fun-loving and gregarious man she once knew.

Paltrow's attorney used his cross examination to discuss an email that Sanderson sent his daughter after the crash.

The subject line of that email? "I'm famous."

"He's famous because he collided with a celebrity, right," Paltrow's attorney Steven Ownes asked Gresham.

"That's how I take that," the witness responded. 

"Do you agree that your dad liked to be in the spotlight?" Owens asked.

"I agree," Gresham answered.

Sanderson did not stay in courtroom for that testimony.

"His attorneys think that it would be too hard on him to have to hear all of these problems and all of these changes that family and friends say he underwent after this smash-up with the actress," Court TV Legal correspondent Julia Jenaé tells Inside Edition.

Paltrow remained quiet and showed little emotion during the proceedings on Thursday.

She also continued her trend of arriving to court in GOOP-approved goods, this time wearing her custom Foundrae mixed oversized clip choker with oversized heart necklace, which has the initials of her son Moses and daughter Apple.

The mixed clip choker retails for $11,435, the oversized heart containing the initials of her kids is $3995, and the diamond initial "B" pendant for husband Brad costs $1995.

That brings the grand total to just over $17,000, which is far less than  $25,115.00 a similar Foundrae necklace which is also a mix of gold and pave diamonds is going for on the Goop website.

Paltrow denies Sanderson's claims and says he skied into her.

Sanderson is suing for $300,000 while Paltrow is countersuing for $1.

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