Harper Gruzins Gets Triumphant Do-Over for 'American Idol' After Disastrous National Anthem

The 11-year-old fared well in front of the "Idol" judges.

The girl who once belted out one of the worst renditions of the national anthem got a shot at redemption Sunday on American Idol. 

Back when Harper Gruzins was 11, she belted out the anthem during a 2012 soccer match in Dallas between the Burn and Los Angeles Galaxy.

The reaction from the audience was grim and the young girl became a viral sensation for having one of the worst renditions of the song. 

Now 16, she has returned, and going by the name Harper Grace, appearing on the debut episode of the new American Idol on ABC Sunday night in a bid to redeem herself. 

Before competing, she told host Ryan Seacrest, "If you search 'the worst national anthem,' mine is the very first that ever pops up, next to Christina Aguilera and Roseanne Barr. At least my name's out there." 

She performed an original song and a cover of the Khalid’s tune "Young, Dumb and Broke." 

The judges loved her performance, unanimously sending her into the next round. 

Also on the premiere episode, judge Katy Perry knocked a contestant off his feet — literally — when she gives him his first kiss. 

The 19-year-old store clerk from Oklahoma was so shocked, he fell to the ground.

But sadly, after all of that excitement, Benjamin was sent packing.