Harrowing Drive Through California Wildfire Captured in Dramatic Video

In another wild video, a man out for a jog in Arizona tried to stomp out a fire after becoming surrounded by flames.

A photographer captured video showing his harrowing drive through a wildfire in Napa County, California. Flames licked the sides of Tyler Day's car as he raced his way through the inferno, one of several currently raging in the region.

Eventually he was forced to turn around after the blaze blocked the road. 

"Yeah, it was pretty crazy," Day told Inside Edition. "We try to stay in the middle of the road. There were a lot of homes that were unfortunately destroyed along that street."

In another wild video, a man out for a jog in Arizona suddenly found himself surrounded by flames. A news helicopter from station KPHO-TV spotted the scene as the jogger tried to stomp out the flames with his sneakers.

Inside Edition caught up with the jogger, Trevor Murphy.

"I was mainly using my feet to try to create a fire break to stop the fire from jumping," Murphy said.