Festival Goers Shocked By Musical Porta-Potty Prank

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During the Governor's Ball Music Festival in New York City some concert goers got a surprise when they went to use the porta-potty.

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When patrons went to use the facilities, from the outside they looked normal, but when they opened the door to one that they thought was empty a mariachi band came out performing.

The prank was created by Improv Everywhere and it wasn't just a mariachi band, also emerging from the portable royal throne was a gospel choir, brass band and Bollywood dancers.

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Improv Everywhere cut a hole in the back of the porta potty and used a backstage area to hide the performers and crew along with hidden cameras all coming together for some perfect shocked reactions.

Improve everywhere is the famous company behind some infamous pranks like freezing Grand Central Station and the yearly no pants subway ride that have been viewed millions of times.

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