Watch This Hungry Raccoon Knock on a Woman's Door to Demand More Food

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This hungry raccoon isn't shy about asking for more.

Adorable videos show the critter using a stone to knock on a woman's glass door after eating all the food she put down for her cats.

Homeowner Susie Chinn, who has named the raccoon "Rocksy," can be heard behind the camera in one of the videos.

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"Someone is knocking at the door, who could it be?" she says. "Is it Rocksy? Is the cat food bowl empty again?"

She explains: "When the bowl's empty, she gets a rock and knocks on my door and it's scratched all the way across... This raccoon cracks me up."

Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Susie explained that Rocksy has been visiting her door for nearly a year. The raccoon is now nursing four babies, she said.

"She'll bring her friends and just sit out there and snag all the cat food," she said.

But Susie, an animal lover and photographer who volunteers with Wildlife, Inc., doesn't mind.

"I love her so much," she says in the video. "She's so funny. She does this all the time. She's so good at it too."

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Speaking to INSIDE EDITION, Susie added that she wanted to educate people about how wonderful raccoons are. But she warned against touching the wild animals and assured viewers she had had rabies shots.

She said: "I want people to learn about animals, to respect them and love them... We need to share our earth with our wildlife and try to be kinder."

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