High School Students Surprise Teacher With His First Birthday Cake In 10 Years

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A high school teacher is overjoyed by the kindness of his students.  

Students at Burleson High School in Texas threw English teacher Kyle Simpler a surprise birthday party after he told them he hadn't had a birthday cake in a decade.

“I was floored,” English teacher, Kyle Simpler, told INSIDE EDITION. "It was totally a surprise let me tell you that.”

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Student Karlie Moran, who organized the party, added: “When I heard he hadn't had one in 10 years, I said there's no way, we have to change that."

The class pooled their money, got Simpler gifts and a cake topped with Felix the Cat. “I work at the grocery store, and went to the bakery on my breaks,” said Moran. “I told them Mr. Simpler really likes cats and they made something cool.”  

This is Kyle Simpler's second year teaching at the school. He said birthdays are usually low-key.

"I try to be more private on birthdays and we don't make a big deal about it,” Simpler said of his family.

Students in his class told INSIDE EDITION the now 59-year-old deserved the celebration. “When I saw his reaction I was like, 'yes!' It was perfect,” said Moran. "He's always been one of my favorite teachers. My heart broke because everyone's used to cakes."

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Simpler said it was a birthday for the books. “It was memorable to say the least. It made me feel good that I have this group of students. These are great kids," he said.

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