Fire Breather Who Went Up in Flames at Pep Rally Says He Won't Perform Stunt Again

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A stunt involving a fire breather went horribly wrong at a high school pep rally. Hundreds of students freaked out as a man was engulfed in flames.

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Ricky Charles is known as "The Inferno" for his popular fire-breathing act.

But it almost cost him his life at a high school in Delray Beach, Florida.

IE spoke to Charles from his hospital room where he's recovering from his injuries.

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He said: “I used a different liquid that I usually do and as you can see it didn't work and my face caught on fire.”

Charles said he didn’t practice with the liquid and that is his fault. He now says that was the last time he'll ever perform with fire. "The Inferno" is done.

The school district says no permission was granted for the dangerous stunt and they have launched an investigation.

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