Viewers Claim ESPN Writer Fell Asleep During Live SportsCenter Interview

Playing ESPN Writer Insists That He Wasn't Sleeping During Live TV Interview

An ESPN writer is fending off suggestions that he fell asleep during a live TV appearance after he appeared to nod off in a recent interview.

Brian Windhorst was chatting with ESPN anchor Cari Champion on Tuesday when viewers took to media to social media to point out his possible quick snooze.

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Right around when Champion asks Windhorst about a player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, the journalist appears to look down.

Even after Champion finishes asking her question, Windhorst still doesn't look up.

"I think we got a technical difficulty," says a confused Champion.

Then, suddenly, Windhorst is back in the game and the interview is back on track.

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Windhorst swiftly responded the suggestions he was asleep by explaining that he was really just looking at his phone.

"When @AdamSchefter looks at his phone on TV he gets endorsement deals. When I do people think I have narcolepsy. #SportsCenterProblems," Windhorst tweeted on Tuesday.

While ESPN came out to support Windhorst, as did Champion, a barrage of doubtful tweets appeared after the sportswriter's denial.

Most of them suggest a conspiracy was afoot, but Windhorst has stuck to his guns and even appeared in a video posted to the SportsCenter Twitter. 

In the video, Windhorst proclaims, "I have been wronged!" while showing off the three ESPN-issued cell phones he carries.

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