Freakishly Huge Lizard Shows Up at Family's Front Door, Tries to Turn the Knob

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Knock knock!

It seems this freakishly enormous lizard in Thailand has our doorbell-ringing alligator neighbor beat.

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A family in Nonthaburi, Thailand, came home one afternoon to find what appears to be a giant monitor lizard, standing on its hindlegs and appearing to reach for the knob on their front door.

According to reports, the man in the Viralhog video yells out: "It's in our house. It's f**king huge!"

A dog barks in the background, and sporadically, the video captured women screaming at its sudden movements.

The family continued to discuss how to deal with their version of Godzilla, and finally, a man threw a rope over the creature, and pulled the lizard away.

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The family later said the enormous lizard, who is thankfully not fatal to humans, periodically shows up at their home. They have since named it Selena.

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