Tiny Kitten Gets Sweater Made From a Sock After Being Rescued From Hurricane Matthew

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An adorable tiny kitten got pam'purrred' with a small, cozy sweater, made just for her, after being rescued from Hurricane Matthew.

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The weeks-old old kitty was brought into PetSmart’s Banfield Pet Hospital in North Carolina, where veterinarians made her a tiny, make-shift sweater out of a tube sock that was equipped with little holes for its arms.

It was then that a family walked in to look at cats with the children eager to find a new furry addition, according to another customer, Sarah, who was in the store at the time. 

A vet assistant saw the kids and asked if they were looking for a cat and the father laughingly replied “Maybe," Sarah said in a Twitter post.

Sarah said the employee suggested the newly rescued cat to the family and once they saw her strutting her stuff in her outfit, they were ecstatic.

“Both he and his kids were obviously IN LOVE,” Sarah wrote.

After what Sarah called a heart-melting meet and greet, the father consulted his wife about and minutes later the kitty was cradeled in his wife's arms and they were already shopping for supplies for her.

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"I was relieved the kitten found a loving new home," Sarah said. 

Sarah posted to Twitter that if the family didn’t take the kitten, she would have offered to transport the animal to a nearby shelter.

Thankfully, that wasn't necessary.

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