Puppy Sits Perfectly Still During Mannequin Challenge, Even With Treat Waved in His Face

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Staying still in an outrageous pose is hard enough to do, but this rescue pooch proved he was up to the challenge, even with his favorite treat waved in his face.

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In this Mannequin Challenge put together by University of Arizona freshman Julia Ann Rodriguez and her roommates, the pup somehow sits perfectly still as he was tempted with Milk-Bone dog treats.

Around him, other roommates could be seen playing Cards Against Humanity, cooking over the stove, putting up the Christmas tree, and other activities around the home.

While they were initially shocked by their dog's ability to sit still for several seconds, "[he] manages to learn simple tricks like sit, down, and shake very easily."

Rodriguez told InsideEdition.com that when she and her roommates saved the 1-year-old puppy from a kill shelter and immediately fell in love.

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"Since then, he has changed our lives for the better," she said.

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