Elementary School Students Give Goldfish a Viking Burial, Complete With Traditional Boat Burning

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A goldfish received a farewell fit for a Viking after students at a Scottish elementary school learned their class pets had died.

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The students at the Papdale Primary School in Kirkwall had been learning about Vikings when they learned their goldfish Bubbles and Freddy, given to their class as a Christmas present, had passed away, according to a blog post.

Fittingly, the teacher instructed the students to create a Viking-style long ship out of cardboard. The Nordic seafarers often used the type of vessel to send their deceased to Valhalla, the afterlife for heroes.

They then placed the fish in one of the boats, and sailed the other boats close behind. The class then went ahead and performed the traditional burning of the boats, under close supervision of the teachers.

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Although most of the boats tipped over and sunk midway through the Viking-style burial, the students were still able to send off their beloved class pets in style.

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