Biracial Twins, One White and One Black, Celebrate Their First Birthday

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Two adorable biracial twins who became famous for their two separate skin tones — one white and one black — are now a year old.

Kalani Dean has light skin and blue eyes like her mother, while Jarani has darker skin and brown eyes like their father.

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The girls, who are from Illinois, celebrated their first birthday on Sunday with a castle-shaped cake complete with a princess each.

Whitney Meyer, the twins’ mom, said people are still surprised by their contrasting complexions.

“You get a lot of people with confused faces that see them [in matching clothes] because of their skin tones," Meyer told "But once I tell them they're twins they get so tickled. They get a lot of pictures from people."

Kalani and Jarani also have different personalities, according to their mom.

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“Kalani is very active girl and loves to explore what she can," Meyer said. "Jay is still our laid back child that would rather have a banana over bouncing a ball lol. She has more of the chill personality. I love being their mom. Our local town calls them the celebrity babies!”

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