13 Injured When Inflatable Slide Takes Flight

It's happened again! An inflatable slide was blown high into the air while kids were playing on it!

There were terrified screams as spectators ran to help.

It happened at a windy weekend soccer tournament in Oceanside, New York. 13 children and adults were hurt.

INSIDE EDITION reported on the potential dangers of bouncy houses just last month.

We showed you a "dust devil" lifting a bouncy house at a park in Arizona and video of inflatable castles being blown away from a car dealership in Texas!

So just how can these jumping castles go airborne?
INSIDE EDITION rented a wind machine to find out. We set up a jumping castle with amusement safety expert Ed Pribonic.

After anchoring down all four sides of the castle according to directions, we installed cameras inside and set up a child mannequin.

As the wind machine hit speeds of 70 mph, the castle tipped over, freed itself from the anchors and went flying across the park. The mannequin got tossed around.

Pribonic says many of these accidents happen when the inflatables aren't anchored down properly or at all.

When a bouncy castle is not anchored it doesn't take much to send it flying.

The shocking video from this latest incident demonstrates what can happen when a jumping castle goes from being a fun ride to a terrifying nightmare.

Police at the most recent incident say it is unlikely there will be criminal charges filed, although there could be some civil lawsuits.