Mail Carrier Still Making His Rounds Despite Wildfire Destroying Most of Neighborhood

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Video footage from a drone shows a neighborhood devastated by the wildfires in Northern California, but it also spotted a lone mailman who was still doing his job despite the disaster. 

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Somehow mailboxes are still standing after the flames leveled structures in their path.

The video was shot by drone photographer Douglas Thron.

“It looked like a nuclear bomb got dropped on the neighborhood and then all of a sudden you see the mail truck driving down the street,” he told Inside Edition. “It seemed surreal, like the last little piece of life left on Earth.”

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His name is Trevor Smith and many people are calling him the most dedicated mailman ever.

"I followed my route like I normally do, I come across a box that was up from a house and I checked and there was outgoing mail it in — we pick those up and carried on," he told Inside Edition.

"The next day when I delivered, there was again, outgoing mail in that box. So, the citizens in that community knew that this was a resource still for them. It is important to continue because we are a part of that community and they trust us. We want to continue that trust."

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