Donald Trump Takes Aim at Candidates Who Bow Out of Debate

Donald Trump was standing shoulder-to-shoulder with Republican presidential frontrunner Newt Gingrich and blasts another candidate, Ron Paul.

Trump said, "Ron Paul has zero chance of getting the nomination."

Paul went after Trump for moderating a Republican presidential debate later this month and says he will refuse to participate because it's "beneath the office of the presidency." And he criticized Gingrich for travelling to New York on Monday to meet with Trump.

"I don't quite understand it. I don't understand the marching to his office. I didn't know that he had the ability to lay on hands and anoint people," said Paul.

Former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman also said he won't attend the Trump debate and was even more blunt on Fox News.

"I'm not going to kiss his ring and I'm not gonna kiss any other part of his anatomy," said Hunstman.

Trump declared war on both Paul and Huntsman on the Today show.

"I think they are joke candidates," said Trump.

Gingrich says he's surprised by the criticism of Trump coming from fellow republicans.

"Donald Trump is a great showman. He's also a great businessman," said Gingrich.

Trump and Gingrich spent thrity minutes in a private one-on-one meeting just as the former House Speaker is surging to the top of the Republican presidential race.

Gingrich is leading in the latest just-released poll in Iowa with 25 percent. Ron Paul in second with 18 percent and Mitt Romney in third with 16 percent. [Source: Des Moines Register]

Herman Cain, who suspended his campaign over the weekend, was said to be set to announce his endorsement of Gingrich, but Cain's camp knocked down those reports.