Millionaire Murderer Possible Suicide Attempt Following Conviction

With chains clinking, convicted millionaire murderer Bob Ward was led off to prison after being sentenced to 30 years for shooting his wife.

Now, Ward has been rushed to the hospital after a possible suicide attempt.

George Stephanopoulos reported on Good Morning America, "The latest twist in that case, he apparently tried to kill himself over the weekend."

Ward took an overdose of the over-the-counter painkiller Ibupprofen. According to one report, he took as many as 20.

The real-estate developer was convicted of shooting his wife, Diane, at their mansion near Orlando.

You may remember Ward from that infamous jailhouse video in which he did a little dance while his daughter and the victim's sister watched, laughing.

The daughter, Mallory Ward, made a plea for mercy at her father's sentencing on Friday.

"You look at my dad and you see a headline - The Vile Millionaire Murder. I look at my dad and I see a man crucified for giving his family everything he never had," said Mallory.

The other woman in that jailhouse video, the victim's sister, said,

"I miss my sister everyday and I can tell you, we will continue to love and support Bob in any way we can."

But the judge wasn't swayed. The family sat grim-faced as the sentence was announced.

Just 24 hours later, Ward would be in the hospital after his possible suicide attempt.