First Dog Center of Conspiracy Theory

It's the shopping trip that had conspiracy theorists in overdrive—President Obama buying Christmas gifts, with First Dog, Bo, at his side.

Obama was without Michelle and the girls, they're on vacation in Hawaii.

The conspiracy theory erupted when a woman in Hawaii said she had seen Bo there with the First Lady, giving rise to internet speculation that Bo had been flown from Hawaii back to D.C. at taxpayer expense, just for the photo op with the President at the Virginia store.

"Bo's whereabouts spark latest White House controversy," said the Los Angeles Times.

One blogger wrote, "Have you considered the cost of this dog flying around the world on our dime?"

"We are footing the bill for this ridiculous spending," wrote another blogger.

But the White House says critics are barking up the wrong tree. A spokesman explains the First Dog was never in Hawaii to begin with. "Bo has been in D.C. this whole time," the spokesman says.

The First Dog actually appears on 20/20 Friday night, when the Obama's are interviewed by Barbara Walters.

The family who supposedly saw Bo in Hawaii now says, "It must have been a different dog."

The President left Friday afternoon to join his family in Hawaii. This time, Bo was nowhere to be seen.