Mall of America Rampage

A terrifying scene occurred when 200 young people went on a rampage at the Mall of America, forcing post-Christmas shoppers to run for their lives and stores to lock their doors.

The chaos was caught on tape at America's largest shopping mall.

Punches were thrown, metal chairs were launched like missiles and a cop with his gun drawn had to move in to break up the riot at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The mall was packed with thousands of holiday shoppers on the busy day after Christmas. YouTube videos show terrified shoppers scrambling for safety as others watch the battle from upper levels of the mall.

Police say the rampage began in a food court around 4pm Monday. Metal chairs and tables were thrown after a rumor, which later proved to be untrue, spead that the rappers Drake and Lil' Wayne were at the mall.

A disturbing video showed a group of young men exchanging punches outside a store until a cop stepped in to break up the fight.

A small army of cops, some with guns drawn, made ten arrests as it took over an hour to restore order.

This riot at the Mall of America comes after sneaker madness broke out across the country last week. Frenzied shoppers battled over limited edition Air Jordan sneakers that went on sale for the first time.

A Mall of America spokesman tells INSIDE EDITION, "It is very unfortunate to see these incidents occurring, especially during the holiday shopping season when families are out spending time together."