The Snacking Good Samaritan on the Subway

There was trouble on a subway train until a hero now being called, "Snackman" stepped in.

The "Snackman" nonchalantly broke up a fight between two passengers, while he ate potato chips.

The trouble started when a man and a woman got into a violent disagreement on the New York City subway train. At that point, six-foot, 200-pound Charles Sonder aka the "Snackman," got in the middle of the two.

"I saw the two kicking each other pretty visciously, so I thought I should get in between them so they would not hurt each other or anyone else on the train," said Sonder to INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney.

Sonder didn't speak, but he calmly ate his chips, keeping the two passengers apart, and taking the heat out of the argument.

McInerney asked, "Once you stepped in between them, how did they respond?"

Sonder said, "They stopped immediatly. They were a little surprised." 

McInerney asked if he was afraid.

Sonder responded, "I wasn't afraid, I was a little bit bigger than both of them." 

Just in case you wanted to know what "Snackman" was snacking on - it was a bag of gummie bears and Pringles potato chips.

Another Good Samaritan, a woman in a shawl, intervened. She suggested the male passenger in the fight get off the train.

"When we stop again, get off," she said.

After the video reached almost 1 million hits on YouTube, The New York Daily News proclaimed – "Snackman saves the day."

McInerney asked, "How does it feel to be New York's latest super hero?"

Sonder said, "It is kind of funny, I don't think of myself as a superhero."