Traffic Reporter Caught On Live TV At Drive-Thru Ordering Fish Sandwich

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Everyone needs a break from work, but for this traffic reporter, he had no idea he was supposed to be reporting on the traffic.

Instead, viewers got the hilarious news of him ordering fast food from McDonalds.

Traffic reporter, Jimmy Uhrin, also known as Jam Jammy from WBFF Baltimore was grabbing some breakfast and didn’t realize that the reporter was going to him live in the field. But that didn’t stop him from attempting to order a fish sandwich.

“Hey, is it too early to get a fish sandwich? Oh Candace, we live? Whoops. Hey, I’ve been in the car since four o'clock. I’m starving,” he said.

The camera kept on rolling, giving viewers a funny take on that morning’s traffic report. He wasn’t able to get that fish sandwich he was craving because they only had the breakfast menu, so an Egg McMuffin it was.

The reporter dyed his beard bright orange to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis and seemed to get a kick out of the entire thing. Uhrin said, “They expect you to work for eight hours in the car. You got to eat, Candace.”

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