The Heart-Stopping Moment a Child Falls Between the Train and Platform

The little boy vanished before his mother's eyes in Sydney, Australia.

Heart-stopping footage captured the moment a little boy fell between a train and the platform in Sydney, Australia.

The child and his mother were waiting to board the train when the doors opened. The pair walk toward the doors, and suddenly the boy vanished. He fell right into the gap between the train and the platform.

The mother and passersby immediately put their arms up to get the attention of train staff. Good Samaritans then pull the unharmed child back to safety.

The government said it is a reminder to travelers to always have a hand on little ones.

“A simple thing such as holding your child’s hand when moving around stations and boarding a train can help prevent them from being seriously injured or worse,” Andrew Constance, the New South Wales transport minister, said in a statement, according to Reuters.

But this incident is not unique. Watch the video above to see more footage of these scary — and common — accidents.