Heartbroken Parrot in Shelter Gets Joy From Swinging on Woman's Ponytail

His owner was too ill to care for him any longer.

A parrot that was left heartbroken after being taken into a rescue found the perfect way to cheer itself up — by swinging from a volunteer's hair.

Snowball, a white Goffin’s cockatoo, was taken in by Rhode Island Parrot Rescue after its owner was forced to give the bird up due to her declining health.

A volunteer at the rescue, Erica Collins, recalled that when Snowball arrived at the rescue, located in Warwick, R.I., “he was the saddest little thing” and “sat in his cage with his head down” for weeks.

Exotic birds are reportedly very intelligent and mourn the loss of people they are close to, but thankfully, Snowball found a way to cheer himself up.

In an online video, Snowball can be seen swinging happily from Collins’ ponytail, keeping at it for more than a minute while amused visitors look on.

"Out of the blue Snowball decided flew to my ponytail and just started swinging,” Collins told SWNS. “Once he had started, he kept doing it. I remember thinking, ‘He better not bite my bum!’”

The bird didn’t want to stop because he was having such a great time.

“It was hilarious," Collins added. "It was a great moment. Everyone was laughing and was amused at how playful he was. He is very playful. He was behaving like a little kid.”

The rescue hopes that Snowball, who is 22 years old, will find a forever home soon.

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