Here’s Where Some of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s Ancestors Are From

Kamala Harris
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Americans won't be the only ones watching the inauguration.

Americans won't be the only ones watching the inauguration. Thousands of miles away, the towns where some of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's ancestors come from will also be celebrating.

Dozens of Biden’s cousins still live in Ballina in County Mayo, Ireland. The town went wild when Biden clinched the election. A cousin of Biden’s told Inside Edition, “It’s a great occasion. It’s a super occasion,” adding that it was “hard to believe.”

In Thulasendrapuram, India, population 350, Harris is proudly called “daughter of the village.”

“My grandparents were phenomenal. We would go back to India like every other year. My grandfather fought for and was a defender of the freedom of India,” Harris said in an interview.

Harris embraces her roots. Last year, she stopped by actress Mindy Kaling's home, where they whipped up some traditional Indian food. Villagers held a "good luck ceremony" on election day. They closely followed the results.

Harris’s mother Shyamala came to the United States in the late 1950s. She died in 2009. Her proud uncle spoke to Inside Edition from India.

“She’s confident, she’s good and she’s smart,” he said.

Harris has been keeping up with her multicultural family all over the world via Zoom.