Hero Cops Pull Teens From Burning Car That Crashed Right Before Their Eyes

A dashboard camera caught the moment of impact.

Two Wisconsin cops are being hailed as heroes after they bravely pulled teens from a car that flipped and caught fire right before their eyes.

The dash cam in the cruiser of Milwaukee PD officers Nicholas Schlei and Nicholas Reid, both of whom are just 23, caught the unbelievable moment of impact on Tuesday.

But with no time to think, the young officers snapped into action, pulling two 16-year-olds from the vehicle they watched flip onto its roof and catch fire after slamming into a utility pole.

"The flames, by the time I got out there, were too big for a fire extinguisher," Reid said at a news conference celebrating the men known as The Nick Squad. "We knew that we had to get those kids out."

The Nicks put their duty over their own safety and managed to pull the two teens from the wreckage while a third teen boy made it out on his own.

For their heroism, both officers will be nominated for an MPD Merit Award. However, the men say they were just doing their job.

“All over the United States they do stuff like this every day. That aren't recognized and stories aren't told," Reid said.

All three victims were taken to a local hospital for treatment. The driver will be cited for failure to yield and reckless driving.