Hero in Cowboy Hat Foils Armed Grocery Store Robbery

Sometimes heroes really do wear cowboy hats!Facebook

Yippee ki yay!

A hero in a cowboy hat helped foil an attempted robbery that was recently caught on video in Mexico.

The incident plays out in dramatic surveillance footage from a Carnes Cares store in Monterrey.

The young suspect is seen walking into the store when he appears to whip out a gun and point it at the employee behind the cash register.

He then aims the gun at the man in the hat, who heroically takes advantage when the suspect becomes momentarily distracted by another customer.

Like a true Old West sheriff, the man in the hat wrestles the gun away from the suspect.

Just then, a couple more employees appear from out of frame to help out. One of them picks up the gun and the situation appears diffused.

While the identities of the bystanders remain unknown, they all deserve a tip of the hat for their bravery.