Hero Neighbors Help 97-Year-Old Woman Escape Raging House Fire

These hero neighbors helped pull a 97-year-old woman from a burning home in North Carolina.
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They also started a clothing drive for her as she recovers from some minor burns.

A group of people recently went above and beyond the call of neighborly duty when a 97-year-old woman's house caught on fire in North Carolina.

The fire broke out last week in the White Aspen area as neighbors were returning from work. As flames raged and smoke billowed, Carmen Torres staggered out of her home but stood frozen on the front porch.

That's when the good Samaritans kicked into gear, and the moment was captured on video.

"I'm screaming, 'Oh my god, please come off the porch,'" one neighbor recalled.

"It was so hot standing there. You could see the fear in this woman's eyes," said another.

Chuck Frazier ran to the house and grabbed the woman by the arm. "When I pulled her and she hit the ground ... everyone grabbed and helped her out. It was hard to do but we all did it together," he said.

Torres suffered minor burns but is expected to make a full recovery. In the meantime, the hero neighbors organized a clothing drive for the woman as she heals.