Video Shows Pelicans Being Rescued as Hurricane Dorian Slams Virginia Coast

PETA says it was tipped off by someone who happened to see the stranded birds.

In the middle of a busy highway, as Hurricane Dorian slammed Virginia Beach with its rain and winds, a PETA rescue worker ran down the street to rescue stranded pelicans.

Video of the rescue shows one bird unable to fly and sitting on the side of the road. The worker scoops up the bird with her sweatshirt and whisks it to safety. As she clutches the pelican, another worker hurries out of a waiting van with a cage.

A similar scene unfolds later when she saves another pelican in the middle of the road. But this bird puts up a little bit of a fight.

It tries flying away, but the pelican's wings seem to be no match for the whipping winds. The rescue worker uses her sweatshirt again to snatch it up and get it into the van.

PETA says it was tipped off by someone who happened to see the stranded birds. In all, five pelicans were rescued and taken to a local rehabber. One of the birds was treated for exposed tendons on its wings. The rest of the bunch was treated for cuts and bruises.

Once they're all patched up, the pelicans will be released back into the wild.