'Heroic' Toddler Climbed Out of Overturned Car to Find Help for Baby Brother After Mom Died in Crash: Police

Pictured: 3-year-old Kylen (Ouachita County Sheriff's Office)
Pictured: 3-year-old Kylen (Ouachita County Sheriff's Office)

It's believed they were in the vehicle for days before little Kylen took action.

A 3-year-old boy and his 1-year-old brother survived the unthinkable after their pregnant mom was killed in a car wreck and they were left stranded alone for days.

Police said the 3-year-old, Kylen, managed to climb out of the vehicle and walk to a rural state highway in Camden, Arkansas, on Monday morning where a bystander spotted him and called police

“He was badly scratched up and you can tell he was dehydrated somewhat,” Det. Nathan Greeley of the Ouachita County Sheriff’s Office told InsideEdition.com.

Police posted the boy’s picture in an effort to figure out who he was and after locating the child’s family, they were informed the mom and her two kids had not been heard from for days.

Authorities said they then returned the area where the toddler was found and spotted a vehicle that had crashed in a deep ravine off the highway. 

The toddler’s 1-year-old brother was found alive and alert and still strapped in the car seat inside the car, which had flipped on its side. 

The boys’ mom, 25-year-old Lisa Holliman, however, was found ejected from the car and dead. Greeley said police believe the children may have been there since Thursday.

“My entire 11 years I have never seen something so traumatic and so amazing,” Greeley said. “All I can say is that it was nothing short of miracle. It was an act of god that those children were able to survive.”

Police are calling little Kylen a hero. 

“The 3-year-old, he was able to climb out of the vehicle. Had he not done that, we easily could have been working two more deaths. In our eyes, he’s a heroic young man and he saved his brother,” Greeley said.

Both boys suffered minor injuries and dehydration, police said. 

“You could tell, for 3-year-old, he had experienced something traumatic. He just wanted to be hug and loved,” Greeley said. 

The children are now with family members. Holliman’s dad and the children's grandfather told KARK that the mom had just found out she was pregnant.

“We lost two," said Holliman.

Police are still investigating the cause of the crash.