High School Senior Bursts Into Tears When Classmate Buys Him a Motorized Wheelchair

Tanner Wilson and Brandon Qualls share a sweet hug after the surprise.
Tanner Wilson and Brandon Qualls share a sweet hug after the surprise. (Caddo Hills High School/Colleen Carmack)

An Arkansas teen burst into tears when his classmate gave him a motorized wheelchair after having saved up for the surprise for two years.

Brandon Qualls, a student at Caddo Hills High School, wiped away tears of happiness when his friend and classmate Tanner Wilson gifted him an electric wheelchair.

“He’s a very caring person,” Wilson’s mom, Colleen Carmack, told InsideEdition.com. “He’d rather do something for somebody else than himself.”

She explained that 19-year-old Tanner has been talking about purchasing his friend the wheelchair for years.

“He kept asking me to help him buy one,” Carmack said. “I know they’re not cheap.”

Previously, Qualls used a standard wheelchair but said his arms were constantly tired getting around the school’s long hallways. Qualls told friends and family it has always been his dream to own a motorized wheelchair

Wilson eventually began saving up on his own, working several hours after school every day at a small mechanic shop in town.

When he finally saved enough to purchase it last month, he asked some teachers to help personalize the new wheelchair with flames and Qualls’ last name inscribed on the back.

Qualls now uses the new wheelchair around school and gets back into his old wheelchair when he goes home since the motorized wheelchair doesn’t fit into his family’s car.

Carmack said their family’s new goal is to help Qualls’ family purchase a new car to fit the motorized wheelchair.


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