High School Students Give Nazi Salute While Posing With Cups Arranged Like Swastika at Party

Photos of the party in Newport Beach are going viral.

California high school students are under fire for giving the notorious Nazi salute while posing with beer cups shaped like a swastika.

In photos that are going viral, a dozen teenagers can be seen making the hateful gesture around the cups during a drinking game at a house party in Orange County.

Newport-Mesa Unified School District Superintendent Fred Navarro sent an alert about the photos to district administrators and board members, said School Board President Charlene Metoyer, who added that they've identified several students in that photo who attend Newport Harbor High School in Newport Beach.

On Monday, police were posted outside the school campus. School district officials said that while these actions did not occur on school grounds or at a school function, they condemn all acts of anti-Semitism and hate in all forms.

However, one person took to Twitter to explain the group's actions, saying, “We thought of this as a joke because in our heads we don't think of it as a big deal but when it gets blown up like this it makes us think and we realize it was terrible and we apologize.”

School and district officials are working with law enforcement and determining appropriate disciplinary measures.