High School Sweethearts Get Married in the Hallway Where They First Met

They reunited just five years earlier.

Two New Jersey high school sweethearts have reunited and married in the same school hallway where they first met.

Chris Gash and Jenn Sudol met during their freshman year at Clifton High School and dated for a year before breaking up. But they remained friends through the years, even as both got into other relationships and each had two children of their own.

Five years ago, the pair started emailing each other more frequently and realized the spark between them was still there.
"There’d be some days with 30 emails a day," Gash said. 

In 2016, they officially started dating, and when thoughts of marriage rolled around, Gash presented the idea of getting married in the hallway where they’d had lockers right across from each other nearly three decades ago.

They both agreed it was the perfect place for their nuptials.

"It was weird," Sudol said. "It felt the same but looked very different."

Gash said he couldn’t "imagine a better place" for them to have tied the knot this past Saturday.

They even had the town mayor, James Anzaldi, preside over the ceremony. 

"I was the mayor around the time they were in high school," Anzaldi said. "It was the same high school I went to. It was a nice experience."

The pair had each of their children present for the big day. 

They plan to have a party for family and friends to celebrate their union later this year.