High School Sweethearts Reunite after Decades Apart: 'It Was Adorable'

Susan Broaddus
Susan Broaddus

They are both now widowed.

Two high school sweethearts have reunited after decades apart. 

Susan Broaddus said her mom, 89-year-old Lauris Hiner, hadn’t seen her ex-boyfriend, Paul, for nearly 70 years after he left to fight in WWll while she was still in high school.

“I believe they dated for a year so maybe a bit longer,” Broaddus told InsideEdition.com.

The two lost contact and married other people, but have since both been widowed.  

A few years ago, when Paul, 90, found out that Hiner’s husband had passed away, he started contacting her.

He sent flowers and letters, Broaddus said.

But because Hiner lives in California, and Paul in Washington State, the pair hadn’t had a chance to meet in person.

Broaddus recently decided to take her mom up to see Paul. 

“He took us out to dinner,” Broaddus said. “I chaperoned.  It was adorable. He’s sweet. He’s very much a gentleman and it’s very nice to see such a big smile on my mom’s face.”

After dinner Broaddus said Paul asked when he could see Hiner again and joked “next week.” 

“They’ve had this long-distance relationship for a number a years. He said if he’d known my dad died 15 years ago, he would have married her years ago,” Broaddus said.

Broaddus said she hopes to get them back together in the spring.