Hilaria Baldwin Called Out for Allegedly Pretending to Be From Spain for Years

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Hilaria Baldwin, the wife of actor Alec Baldwin, says she's quitting social media after accusations that she misrepresented her heritage and nationality for years. “I’m going to sign off for a long time,” Baldwin said.

In a viral Twitter thread, Hilaria was called out for allegedly pretending to be from Spain when she was actually born in Massachusetts. Video clips surfaced of Hilaria speaking in a Spanish accent. In more recent videos, she no longer speaks with one.

“So there have been questions about where I am from,” Hilaria said in an Instagram video responding to the claims.

“I was born in Boston. I spent some of my childhood in Spain, some here.”

But the biography on her agency’s website states, “Baldwin was born in Mallorca, Spain.”

In another viral clip of Baldwin during a cooking segment, she says she can’t remember the English word for cucumber.

“If I have been speaking a lot of Spanish, I mix that. If I am speaking a lot of English, I mix that,” Hilaria continued in her Instagram post.

She also changed her name from Hillary to Hilaria, which she explained by saying that she had used Hilaria in Spain and Hillary in the United States, before switching to just Hilaria to avoid confusion, she said on Instagram.

Alec Baldwin is defending his wife on social media.

“There are things that have been said about people that I love that are ridiculous,” Alec said. “Just ridiculous.”

The couple has been married for eight years.


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