Why Justin Bieber Was Crying With Fiancee Hailey Baldwin

"You got good days and you got bad days," Bieber said.

Justin Bieber has addressed that emotional scene on the bike path in New York City where he was spotted crying with fiancee Hailey Baldwin Tuesday afternoon.

Bieber, 24, was asked by a photographer in the city Wednesday why he was so upset.

“You got good days and you got bad days. It's not real if it doesn't have any bad days,” the singer told the photographer as he held up the self-help book “The Meaning of Marriage” by Pastor Timothy Keller.   

The pop star was in a much better mood Wednesday, doing the Floss dance made famous by Backpack Kid before descending the steps to greet fans outside Baldwin’s New York City apartment.  

He stepped out in bedroom slippers to chat with fans and pose for photos.  

Earlier in the day, Bieber went for a haircut with Baldwin right by his side.