Jessie James Decker Breastfeeds Son While Holding What Appears to Be Glass of Wine: 'Cheers B****es'

Decker has ignited an online debate with the photo.

Singer Jessie James Decker has ignited an online debate after she posted a photo of herself on Instagram breastfeeding while holding what appears to be a glass of rose. 

"Cheers b****es," she captioned the controversial picture.

Some of the singer's fans were supportive of the image.

"She’s Normalizing breastfeeding!" one user wrote. "You go girl! My camera roll is full of breastfeeding pics from both boys."

"Perfect latch! I LOVE that you posted this. I HATE how ignorant & judgy people are," added another.

Others, however, expressed concern. 

"I'm surprised she would post this pic nursing her baby and a drink in one hand," one critic wrote. 

"I’ve always loved you and been a big fan. I’ve bought your clothes, etc. but I will not support a mother drinking while breastfeeding. It’s wrong, I don’t care what “science” says. I’m unfollowing," another said. 

Inside Edition spoke to Dr. Sherry Ross about whether it's safe to drink while breastfeeding. She said she doesn't recommend it, but for moms who want to enjoy a glass of wine, she has a simple piece of advice.

"Drinking one to two glasses of alcohol a week is fine. Moderation is the key," Ross said.

James Decker, 30, has been candid about life with her young son, Forrest Bradley, having previously posted a video on Instagram showing her breastfeeding the tot. 

James Decker is married to football player Eric Decker, who signed with the New England Patriots Thursday. Forrest, born in March, is their third child. They are also parents to 4-year-old daughter Vivianne and 2-year-old son Eric Jr.