Home Depot’s 12-Foot Skeleton Is This Year's Most Sought-After Halloween Decoration

Home Depot Skeleton
Home Depot

Halloween maybe different due to coronavirus this year, but that isn’t stopping some from going all out and looking for the perfect decoration, no matter the price. And Home Depot’s 12-foot-tall skeleton is 2020’s hottest item.

Home Depot’s 12-foot skeleton is the most coveted Halloween decoration this year. The skeleton, which has glowing eyes and retails for $300, quickly sold out online, and resale prices on eBay and Amazon have shot up to surpass $1,400.

The item is said to be for indoor and outdoor use, so if you have the ceiling space, don't let your skeleton get cold.

The skeleton has caught the attention of not just the neighbors of those who have one but from people on social media who have posted photos of the creative customization some have given the decoration, which has helped further the buzz and popularity of the item.

Home Depot officially sold out of the decoration less than a month before Halloween, according to the New York Post.

Better luck next year for a bigger scare.


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