Homeless Woman Surprised With Bike After Hers Was Stolen

The gift was orchestrated by an officer at the Sarasota Police Department in Florida.

A homeless woman was moved to tears by a police officer who gifted her a bike when hers was stolen.

“I was really happy because I’m trying so hard because everything was falling apart,” Jessica Madras said, in a video taken by the Sarasota Police Department in Florida. “For once, something good happened.

Several nights ago, Madras found her bike had disappeared while she was at work.

“I noticed my bike was missing, I thought my husband had took it at first,” she recalled. “Then realized a customer walked out of the store and took my bicycle.”

Madras reported the theft to Officer Amelia Wicinski, who said there was not much she could do.

“Unfortunately we couldn’t recover the bike,” she said.

But, knowing Madras was expecting a baby girl, she wanted to do something special to help her back on her feet.

“She shouldn't be walking that far every day and she's trying,” Wicinski. “I appreciate that so much and I wanted to make it easier for her.”

She worked with the Salvation Army and chipped in her own money to purchase a bike, lights and a lock and personally delivered it to Madras while she was at work.

“With me being homeless and stuff, it really matters a lot,” Madras said.