Honest Drivers Return Cash After Armored Truck Spilled $175,000 Onto Highway

"We understand most of the money will never be returned," police said.

Who doesn’t dream of money falling from the skies?

For drivers along the I-285 west passing by Dunwoody, Georgia, dreams became reality earlier this week when about $175,000 in cash came flying out of an armored truck.

But incredibly, many drivers that stopped to pick up money by the handfuls are returning them to the Dunwoody Police Department.

“We’ve had seven people come in with varying amounts, from $2,100 to … $1,” Sergeant Robert Parsons of the Dunwoody Police Department told InsideEdition.com.

Parsons explained that so far, they have recovered about $4,400 and are hopeful more people come forward with their findings but “we understand most of the money will never be returned. We are realistic,” Parsons said.

The proper protocol when coming across a large sum of money is to turn it into the police, who will then secure it until someone comes forward to claim it, he said.

However, Parsons said this is such a rare scenario that they understand many drivers would have taken the cash without thinking twice and emphasized they are not interested in making criminal arrests in this case.

“We certainly feel the money should be returned but we understand that this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and many people in that position would have taken the money,” he said. “But the right thing to do is to return the money.”