Horse Airlifted 300 Feet Out of Ravine After Tumbling In With Rider

The rider walked out, but the horse needed a leg up.

A very lucky horse was lifted 300 feet out of a California ravine on Monday, the day after it tumbled in, along with its rider.

The rider walked out but was forced to leave her horse overnight until a joint effort between multiple area agencies could be assembled for the rescue.

The following morning, the San Bernardino County Fire and Rancho Cucamonga Fire Department, along with aid from the Los Angeles County Fire Department, gathered at the steep ravine outside Hesperia.

The horse was placed in a special harness by early Monday afternoon, when a helicopter was able to pull the horse up and out of its hopeless situation.

Footage taken at the scene shows the likely very confused horse flying through the air above the rugged terrain outside San Bernardino National Forest. 

The horse was soon ever-so-gently lowered back to earth.

The animal is now being treated by a veterinarian for scrapes and bruises, according to local officials.