Hoverboard Explodes While Charging in Utah Home as Kids Narrowly Escape Flames

Luckily, the flames were put out with a fire extinguisher before they could engulf the home.

A hoverboard explosion inside of a Utah family’s home was captured in terrifying surveillance footage as two children ran past it to narrowly escape the flames. Batteries flew in all directions, so the quick-thinking mom grabbed oven mitts to try and put out the fire. The doorbell camera shows the young daughter making sure the dog, Banjo, was safely outside. 

Tamilisa Miner says the hoverboard was charging overnight when it started smoking.

“I saw this white, electrical smoke just billowing out, and I knew we had a problem. Sheer panic — I mean, just panic. You don’t ever think that’s going to happen to you,” Miner said.

Her husband, Craig, was upstairs sleeping when the fire broke out, but came down in time to put the blaze out with a fire extinguisher. 

“He came down the stairs and nonchalantly went straight to the fire extinguisher, got it out. He knew where it was, he knew how to pull the pin and put the fire out,” Tamilisa said.

They say watching how close their son Anthony came to being burned was the scariest part.

“It very easily could have injured pretty seriously, so it was just pretty shocking,” Craig said.

The family isn’t the first to have a close call with a hoverboard. Since 2015, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has investigated more than 250 instances of hoverboards catching fire or overheating. 

“We are so lucky to still have a roof over our head. We are so lucky to be alive,” Tamilisa said.

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