How 6-Year-Old Hero Saved Her Family From House Fire in New Jersey

Madalyn Karlbon, 6, heard the smoke alarm go off and woke up her father, helping the whole family escape.

When Madalyn Karlbon, 6, heard the fire alarm going off and saw smoke in her home in the middle of the night, she sprung into action.

Madalyn woke up her firefighter dad, who was able to get Madalyn, her 2-year-old brother, Hunter, and their mom to safety before the fire got worse. The New Jersey girl's quick-thinking helped the entire family escape without any serious injuries. Now, the Avenel Fire Department is calling her a hero. 

"Madalyn, it goes without saying how bright and smart of a girl you are. This morning proved that!! You recognized danger immediately and were able to assist in getting everyone out of the house before the fire got worse. To say all of us here at the Avenel Fire Department are so proud of you is an understatement," the Avenel Fire Department wrote on Facebook. "Way to go Madalyn. You're indeed a hero!!!" 

Madalyn's dad, Jimmy Karlbon, is an Avenel firefighter and former fire chief, the department said, and Madalyn proved she was paying attention when she learned about fire safety. 

"Without any hesitation, she jumped into action and ultimately saved the lives of her family by remembering all she was taught during fire prevention week and through the vast knowledge that her dad and fellow firefighter family has instilled in her," the Avenel Fire Department wrote.

The fire broke out around 2 a.m. Sunday morning in the family's kitchen, fire officials said. While everyone, including the family's cat, managed to get out safely, the Karlbons' home and almost all of their belongings have been damaged by smoke. The house is currently uninhabitable and the family is living in a hotel temporarily. 

The Avenel Fire Department is collecting toys, clothes and monetary donations to help the family got back on its feet via its community fund.