Hero Cops Save Baby Choking on a Cracker

Unable to dislodge the food from her child's throat, his panicked mom ran out into the street for help.

It was a life-or-death moment as Florida cops worked tirelessly to save a choking toddler.

The child's sobbing mom, Amanda Zimmerman, looked on outside her Kissimmee home as an officer calmly thumped the unconscious 1-year-old on the back after his mom says he choked on a Goldfish cracker. 

Another officer then joined in, and both turned the limp infant over to do perform chest compressions. 

Then, an officer grabbed first aid equipment from the patrol car and rushed over to help the child.

Finally, the baby was able to breathe as the ambulance arrived. They put the little boy on a gurney and rushed him to the hospital.

Zimmerman says little MJ is fine thanks to those fast-acting officers.

"He hasn't missed a beat and is back to his normal self," she said. 

What should others do if they encounter a choking child?

CPR instructor Shane Woodall of Frontline Health in New York showed Inside Edition what to do if you find yourself in a similar situation. “You want to use firm back blows between the shoulder blades with the heel of your hand to get the object out.”