How Attorney Erika Kullberg Went From Practicing Law to Becoming TikTok Star ‘Erika Taught Me’

Erika Kullberg is an attorney who wanted to educate viewers on tips and tricks that could save them money and finance-related headaches. 

Seemingly out of nowhere, a cheery woman's helpful videos sharing financial tips and flagging the fine print found in agreements and deals began appearing on TikTok, Twitter and Facebook feeds. The videos are the brainchildren of Erika Kullberg, an attorney who wanted to educate viewers on tips and tricks that could save them money and finance-related headaches. 

“A lot of these things that I teach people are just brand new to them, but once they know it completely changes how they approach these situations,” Kullberg tells Inside Edition Digital. “I think regardless of if we want to or not, we all have to deal with money, so learning how to be better with our money, how to make our money stretch further, how to get what we're entitled to when it comes to our money, how to invest our money so it isn't just sitting in a bank account and losing money is just so important.”

These tips have made Kullberg a wildly popular social media influencer.

“I started social media after I left my law firm because I really wanted a way to teach others about financial literacy," she says. "Specifically getting out of debt myself—I had over $200,000 of debt when I graduated from law school—taught me that we learn so little about money in school, so I promised myself that once I paid off that debt, I would make it my mission to teach others how to be better with their money."

She hoped her tips would help people, and seeing how they are putting them into practice thrills Kullberg.

“It makes me so happy. It really motivates me to keep going,” she says. “And I just think putting information out there for people to learn about investing, learn about how to save money, learn about consumer rights that they're entitled to is such an important thing. And I love that even though I never imagined I would be on TikTok or Instagram myself, I love that it's enabled me to have this platform to share that information.”

Her transparency in sharing aspects of her life, such as her own earnings, has endeared her to her audience, which appreciates that she's willing to speak on topics others may consider taboo. She's so willing to talk, in fact, that she's launched a new podcast, “Erika Taught Me.”

“The premise of it is that everyone has something to teach," she says. "I interview CEOs, experts, thought leaders, authors about what they can teach that's valuable to my audience. I've had everyone from Chris Voss, who was a former FBI hostage negotiator teaching my audience negotiation, to recently Barbara Corcoran, who is from 'Shark Tank,' [who] sold her company for $66 million. And just so many people who really have valuable insights to share with my audience.

“I think as long as people have money issues, there's always going to be space for me to come up with tips to help them,” she says.

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