Luke Combs Rewards 2 Boys Who Moved Firewood and Saved Money to Attend His Concert

To pay for the concert tickets, the boys stacked piles of firewood for a neighbor.

Country music star Luke Combs is being praised after stopping his concert to talk to two young boys in attendance. 

Bo Fenderson was attending the show with his friend Tanner Hale. To pay for the tickets, they worked hard — stacking piles of firewood for a neighbor.

The job took 10 hours over two days, and the neighbor gave each of the boys $100, they said.

So they showed up to the concert with signs hoping to get the attention of their favorite singer, and it worked!

Luke Combs even took $140 dollars out of his own pocket and handed it to the boys. 

Their moms say it was a great lesson for their kids to learn — “Work hard and look what can happen.”

Combs also refunded all 15,000 tickets to his show the next night in Bangor, Maine, after he said vocal troubles had him performing at less than 100%.

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