How Botox in the Armpits Can Treat Excessive Sweating

Inside Edition got an inside look as actress Ambyr Childers got Botox injections in her armpits with her best friend Alana Sands.

Botox for your armpits?

It may sound odd, but it's actually a proven treatment for excessive sweating. Chrissy Teigen recently documented the process, calling it the "best move" she has ever made. 

"I can wear silk again without soaking," she posted. "Woohoo!"

Inside Edition spoke to Beverly Hills, California, Dr. Jason Diamond, who performed the procedure on Teigen, to get his take on it. 

"Botox for underarm sweating is extremely effective," said Diamond. It works by keeping the nerves responsible for turning on your sweat glands from activating. The injections only work in the particular area they are injected.

Inside Edition got an inside look as actress Ambyr Childers underwent the process with her best friend Alana Sands. Childers' is best known for starring on the hit series "You," streaming on Netflix now. 

Childers, a busy single mom, said she suffers from hyperhidrosis.

"I wake up and I start sweating. I'm like, 'Oh no, what does my schedule look like?'"

Sands is a single mom of three and jewelry designer who said she also constantly worries about her sweating. 

"When I get nervous, I completely sweat under my armpits and it's just ... I hate it," Sands said. "And then I feel like everybody can see it so it makes me sweat more."

First, Diamond numbs the area, then he uses a tiny needle to deliver 20 injections of Botox into each armpit. 

The treatment lasts about three to six months. 

"I feel great," said Childers. 

"I feel amazing," added Sands. "I feel confident, ready to take on the day."